First Senior Styled Shoot| Saratoga Springs Portrait Studio

Jun 17, 2019

We decided to create monthly styled shoots and invite all of our clients.We wanted a way to get to know our seniors better prior to their session. After this first styled shoot we quickly learned these shoots had a greater purpose…. When having your photo taken in a room filled with peers, anxiety levels tend to raise. Worrying about maybe looking silly and judgment from others.  These teens were having NONE of that! After about 30 minutes of shooting they were cheering each other on and feeding words of encouragement. These styled shoots are a way for teens to make new friends & step outside their comfort zone. Our hearts just melted watching this whole experience, we knew we had to continue and this is how “the academy” was born! 

For our first Styled shoot we wanted to give all of our high school teens a warm welcome to the studio. We brought them to our studio in downtown Saratoga Springs, NY and did a variety of lifestyle, outdoor and studio shots. We teamed up with Lucia boutique for wardrobe and of course had our glam team ready for hair and makeup. This styled shoot really set the bar high for all to follow!

Here are some of our favs.



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