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Jul 2, 2019

Choosing the perfect outfit or your session can be as stressful as your first day of school and prom combined.This is literally a once in a lifetime experience and of course you want to look your best and so do we! So here are some tips that pinterest won’t tell you… but we will! 

  • Texture and layers and patterns oh my!

No need for those crisp white tees and blue jeans. While we do love a neutrals, adding trendy texture or patterns make you stand out. Adding layers to an outfit is a great way to sneak more variety in your shoot. Usually we do an outfit change as we change locations, yet when wearing layers you can add or remove a layer and mix up the look of the outfit without having to change. 

  • Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Let’s talk accessories. Accessories add so much personality to an image. So when planning your looks make sure to pack the corresponding accessories. Hats, stacks of bracelets,watches, colorful shoes and layered necklaces & bags are all great ways to add a little ~fAshUn~ into the look. 

  • Bring a variety. 

We ask our seniors to bring about 3-4 different outfits for the session. Now we may not get to all of them but it is always good to have options right?! When we say 3-4 outfits we typically say bring a casual look, a trendy look and a dressy look. This will make help you select  different looks and will make sure session has variety! 

  • Be comfortable. 

Pick outfits that make you feel good and represent YOU and your style! Nothing ruins a shoot like a model who looks super uncomfortable. We like to get creative and switch it up.. Meaning we will have you sitting, laying down, walking or jumping! Being comfortable helps us have more fun and get that money shot.


  • Have fun & don’t be afraid to be different. 

This is your time to express yourself and be unique! These photos are meant to look like YOU! So if you are country chic or urban street we want it to show through these looks. Not sure what category your look falls under? Here is a list that might help narrow it down:


  • Casually carefree 
  • Urban street 
  • Pretty & preppy
  • Boho 
  • Country chic 
  • GLAM
  • Trendy & fun 


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