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Jul 16, 2019

Our mission at Studio H. is to make your senior portrait experience as stress free as possible. We want you to walk in the day of your session feeling confident and your best. That is why we also provide our professional hair + makeup team to every senior portrait package we offer. While those are amazing, there are still LOTS of ways you can be prepping for your session.


Come to your session with an open mind and ready to have fun! 

We find that the most STUNNING images come when our clients show up excited,confident and ready to try new things. This is your senior year! This experience should be fun and a way for you to express yourself! I can not stress enough how much this mindset will change the look of your images. 


Think ahead!

Book 3-4  months in advance to assure we have dates available around the time you would like to have your session. fall and summer sessions are very popular and get snached up pretty quick! We also recommend this so we have enough time to schedule a creative consult prior to your session. A creative consult is are our way of getting to know you and your vision for your session. 


Troll for Inspiration! 

Pinterest,google & our blogs are great resources for inspo! We highly recommend creating a “vision board”! Things you should include would be: Hair & makeup looks, outfits, location ideas, props, poses and anything that you would like to include on your shoot! 


Clean+ Iron outfits and put them on hangers with corresponding accessories.

There is nothing worse than showing up to your shoot and noticing a stain or wrinkles all over your favorite shirt you were hoping to wear. The day of the shoot is going to feel like it is flying by and is super easy to lose track of all the items you bring. Being organized it KEY!

Get all the props you would like to include & make sure they are clean and ready to go!

We LOVE including your favorite things in your session. These items that you include will help represent you and your personality! To make sure we make the most of our time together showing up with everything is photoready is extremely helpful and will allow us more shooting time! Items such as sports equipment, Instruments, even pets!


Take care of yourself! 


    1. Get lots of sleep and drink water to make for a clear and well-rested face.
    2. Ladies wait till the night before if you are going to paint your nails 
    3. Fellas shave the night before if you are going to shave ( to give time for any redness to go away)
    4. If you would like a brighter smile, start a treatment early 
    5. Apply chapstick the week leading up to your session (dry lips are hard to edit!)
    6. Spray tans (should be tested prior to the session) 
    7. Bring comfy shoes for inbetween locations (some sessions include more walking than others) 
    8. Eat well before your session & bring a snack!


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